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Wednesday, September 17th, 2014 04:31 pm
Due to how vague the mechanics of Sakuya's abilities are I'm using my own interpretation.

WHAT IS TOUHOU: Short Article
WHICH GAMES: th6 EoSD (boss), th7 PCB (playable), th7.5 IaMP (playable/boss), th8 IN (playable), th9 PoFV (playable/boss), th10.5 SWR (playable/boss), th12.3 UNL/Soku (playable), th14 DDC (playable)
WHICH COMICS: Silent Sinner in Blue, Curiosities of Lotus Asia
AGE: Early-Mid 20s (she isn't sure herself)
HEIGHT: 5'7”
JOB: Head Maid/Bodyguard
PERSONALITY: Cold and Professional
POWERS: Manipulation of Time and Space/Throwing Knives
THEME SONGS: Maid and the Pocket Watch of Blood and Lunar Clock~Luna Dial and Flowering Night
SIGNIFICANT OTHERS: Remilia Scarlet (Mistress), Flandre Scarlet (Younger Mistress), Patchouli Knowledge (Remilia's Friend), Koakuma (Co-worker), Hong Meiling (Co-worker)
FUN FACT: Sakuya was loosely based upon Jack the Ripper

Touching: Anyone familiar she's fine with. She may be wary with strangers.
Hugging: Anyone familiar she'll raise a brow at. Strangers she will not tolerate
Kissing: Hahaha! Good luck!
Attempted Romance/flirting: If you can worm your way past her cold demeanor then maybe. It's not an easy thing to do.
Fighting/Combat: Yes. Danmaku is probably better for your safety rather than her's. She will switch to lethal force very quickly if a fight turns serious. Her pride makes her try to keep the fight somewhat “fair” (as in not stopping time and decapitating her opponent) but she will fight dirty and abuse her powers if she thinks her life is in danger.
Killing: Maybe. She's not exactly easy to kill. PM me.
Anything Offensive: I'm fine with anything, really. Sakuya has some real dark tones attached to her and her backstory though she generally tries to keep that to herself.
Reading Her Mind: Sakuya has no mental defenses whatsoever outside of her tempered will. Feel free to read her mind. When idle she's probably thinking about her mistress or coming up with new cooking or tea recipes.

Powers: Sakuya's time stopping powers are innate and come from a near perfect attunement to the fabric of time itself. Beyond this her magic is extremely lacking. It acts as a sixth sense keeping her hyper aware of the space around her as well as any space she has chosen to associate herself with making it difficult if not impossible to sneak up on her or trick her with non physical illusions. She is capable of stopping time two different ways. Locally and dimensionally. Local time stop takes sustained concentration and can be used to accelerate or decelerate objects within time. Dimensional time stop is what she normally uses where she removes herself from time itself. This can be sustained as long as she can tolerate the inhospitable atmosphere it creates. She cannot time travel.

Pocket Watch: Sakuya's watch is soul-bound and acts as an amplification device. Sharp eyes may see it react or crackle in some way when she uses a large amount of power. She is hyperaware of it at all times. The soul connection is visible to anyone capable of seeing souls. Since a portion of her soul is exposed she is especially susceptible to curses and other forms of lingering malignant magic. The watch itself has a potent magical aura however, it is hidden behind spells to help it keep looking mundane.

Knives: Sakuya's throwing knives are patterned after the throwing knives used by demon and vampire hunters. They are made of silver and reinforced with enchantments. The blades themselves are not enchanted. Rather the sides of the blades have been carved or burned to pick up ambient magic when swung or thrown giving them a light magical charge. This allows them to cut spirits and inhibit the regeneration of lesser creatures. This style of hunting weapon is often nicknamed “etched.”

A Note: Sakuya was raised from birth by a vampire who rewove her fate and mind into something more monster than human. As such her mentality is closer to a vampire than it is to a human. She can be strange and even violent at times, but is unflinchingly loyal to whomever she serves.