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Monday, February 23rd, 2015 02:41 am
Name: Current: Celine Blanchefleur Former: Sakuya Izayoi
Age: 22 23
Appearance: Right here
Occupation: Waitress

Full Application: Click me!

Echos Received:
1st Echo-Tier 1-Physical: After watching a performer juggling knives Celine regained the muscle memory and development of her previous life. She can throw objects and knives with the force and precision of her previous life but lacks the hand eye coordination to make full use of it.

2nd Echo-Tier 1-Mental: She regains memories of a deep devotion to a short, winged girl with bright red eyes after meeting Emilia.

3rd Echo-Tier 2 (March)-Ability/Item: Emi gives her a watch, bringing back her Luna Dial and reconnecting her with the fabric of time and space. She now has a limited time stop.

4th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot)-Mental: Teleporting for the first time allowed her to understand where she exists within the fabric of spacetime relative to everything around her.

5th Echo-Tier 2 (Plot)-Ability/Item: Seeing the Santarem lights. The manipulation of localized space (limited) and a plethora of her sliver throwing knives. The knives are made of a specialized silver capable of mildly disrupting ghosts and negative energy. These properties are innate to the material and are not a magic on their own.

6th Echo-Tier 1 -Mental: Meeting Dani face to face caused additional feelings of devotion toward her, similar to those felt for Emilia, but mixed with some healthy caution.

7th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot)-Mental: Touching Emilia's pet wolpertinger Tupai restored the memories of the inside of a clock tower and the secret retreat she had set up for herself through one of the maintenance hatches containing a writing desk, a small magic heater, and a mattress.

8th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot)-Mental: Encountering a ghost wolpertinger restored her memories of dueling with the half-ghost Konpaku Youmu and the ghost Saigyouji Yuyuko.

9th Echo-Tier 1 -Mental: Seeing Emilia get hurt and hearing her scream brought back Celine's stubborn courage and tenacity against obstacles.

10th Echo-Tier 2 (Plot)-Mental: Seeing the Tokyo lights hardened her mental fortitude against the harshness of her time stop allowing her to stop time for greater lengths of time before her mental state is put at risk.

11th Echo-Tier 2 (Plot)-Abilities/Item: Seeing the moon-snake restored her watch's soulbound functionality. The item acts as leverage for her existing powers and removes the non-skill-based limites and gives her limited flight. She is now extremely vulnerable to lingering negative magic (such as curses) and being disconnected from the watch cancels anything she's sustaining and can leave her violently ill or even unconscious.

~Raise the Earth Echos~

12th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot/Return)-Mental:Some of her skill at cooking returned after sampling some especially bad food. She did not re-gain the knowledge of her old recipes.

13th Echo-Tier 2 (Plot/Return)-Abilities/Item:Her silver knives re-gained some of the strange carvings along the blades that pick up ambient magic/energy when swung or thrown making them more effective against ghosts, and enhancing the silver's natural vampire/demon hunting properties. Characters with magic/energy control can also channel it around her blades if they get ahold of them. (Celine herself has no innate magic and cannot do this, however)

14th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot/Slime)-Mental:She regained knowledge of how to brew some of her from-scratch tea recipes including her favorite.

15th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot/Teleporting)-Mental:She regained a more acute sense of self in terms of how she probably appears to other people allowing her to stop time and return to her original position with little difference.

16th Echo-Tier 1 (Plot/Dinosaurs)-Mental:Some of her skill/agility while flying is returned. She's no faster and it is no less tiring to fly, but she can control herself better.

17th Echo-Tier 2 (Plot/Memory Event)-Mental/Ability:The etiquette of being the head servant of an aristocrat. Muscle memory and manners in the presence of important people.